Mirador has been at anchor for over 1500 nights during the last 15-years.  We have anchored in dead calm and for days in 35 to 50 knots with five-foot onshore seas.  We have learned a lot, and have spent a lot to install the best possible anchoring system.


Spade 66 pound with 300' of 5/16" HT chain (new in Feb. '04) - primary anchor kept on port bow roller( Spade WEBsite)

Bruce 44 pound with 300' of 5/16" HT chain (new in Feb. '04) - secondary anchor kept on starboard bow roller

Fortress FX 55 with 60' of 3/8" BBB chain and 300' of 5/8" nylon 3-strand rode
     This is a storm anchor that is stowed in the anchor locker in a disassembled state.  It can be be reassembled in five minutes.

Danforth Hi-Tensile 22 pound with 15' of 5/16" BBB chain and 200' of 2" nylon webbing

 This is the stern anchor.  The nylon webbing is 2000 pound SWL and is part of the Anchorlina system. The webbing is stowed on a large reel mounted outboard on the starboard side of the cockpit.  The anchor is hung adjacent to the reel.  It is very simple and easy to deploy and retrieve the stern anchor using the Anchorlina.

The picture to the left shows the anchorlina reel and stern anchor just above Mirador's script name on the side of the boat.

Another picture of the really neat Anchorlina system can be seen at Anchorlina - 2nd picture

We also carry two 250' lengths of 5/8" nylon 3-strand rode for use in really deep anchorage. 


Anchoring Platform and Bow Rollers

The Caliber 40 has a great platform on the bow sprit that allows for easy access to the anchors and keeps them away from the fiberglass on the bow.   Click on New Anchoring System  to see pictures and read about the extensive modifications we made to the way the anchor loads are brought to Mirador

- chain stoppers on each chain (rated at 5000 pounds)


The windlass motor for the Maxwell VWC1200 was replaced with a new improved unit I purchased from Maxwell in July 2006 .   In April 2004 I installed a reversing solenoid  and had my brother, the electronics expert, build a remote control box  with a 40' cord.  The windlass can be powered up and down from anywhere on the boat.  The remote control has interlocks on it to prevent inadvertent activation of the windlass. 

The 1200 watts of 12V DC power are supplied by 2/0 battery cable run directly from the batteries, thru the Maxwell circuit breaker mounted at the nav station, to the watertight enclosure in the anchor locker that contains the reversing solenoid.

Washdown Pump

A Shurflow Problaster 12v pump attached to 20' of coiled hose is mounted in the anchor locker.  This ensures that only clean chain enters the anchor locker.

Riding Sail

There is a 39 sq foot sail, made from sunbrella, that can be hoisted on the main halyard and secured to the radar arch and the mast.  This sail dramatically reduces shearing side to side when anchored in gusty winds. 

Flopper Stopper

A Magma stainless steel flopper stopper is stowed in the lazarette.  It hangs off the end of the reaching pole when we are anchored in a cross swell that causes too much roll.